Macte Ovens:
the oven made in Italy for Neapolitan pizza.

Macte Ovens was born from the mind and passion of young technicians and engineers who, with their knowledge and experience, have created an innovative product of its kind. Entirely Made in Italy, our oven allows anyone to prepare a superior quality Neapolitan pizza. Our specialised team has succeeded in creating something unique of its kind. In fact, we can boast that we have succeeded in building the smallest oven in its category to reach 500 degrees, which is essential to obtain an excellent pizza and to bake all its derivatives such as pan pizzas, focaccia, pizza in pala, bread, etc. We combine the quality of the artisanal method and the precision of the industrial method, always safeguarding the quality of Made in Italy, which you can find in the splendid design created by our team of experts. Our designers, in collaboration with the engineering department, have thought of offering customisation elements so that each oven can best fit into any kitchen, be it a business or a home.

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